Daniel’s loving…

His Maria Holmer Dahlgren Diary

After a few years of computer and phone ‘diaries’ it’s a joy to get back to basics, especially one as well designed as this. Day-to-day stuff is easy (although the diary doesn’t bleep reminders for every appointment) but ultimately it’s way better for the forward planning of projects month by month and beyond. Always with a classic Mont Blanc pencil, naturally.


The online ‘Look Inside’ feature
Which author doesn’t love giving potential readers a peek at what they could get from their book? The Look Inside feature from online sellers is great for doing just that… (PS. Don’t bother trying it with the image below, it’s just a pic, but it works great if you go to Amazon!)

The ALCS Members’ Room
The Members’ Room at the Authors’ Licensing and Collection Society in London (www.alcs.co.uk). Beautiful room, kept for members (you have to book in advance) to find some peace and quiet right in the bustle of London.


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