Football, royalty and chatty taxi drivers

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Travel on London’s famous Underground on a weekend or weekday evening and it will be rare if you don’t come across a group of (mostly) men travelling to or from a game of football and singing out of tune. With 13 professional clubs, numerous non-league clubs, plus England internationals at Wembley, it’s unlikely you’ll go short of your football fix in one of the world’s great capitals.
With more tourist books on London than other cities have attractions, if you struggle for something to do while you are here then you are probably still in bed. Pubs? On every street corner. History? Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the whole city. Theatre? Head to the West End. Museums, clubs, fashion, royalty, parks and football, this is a city that can offer it all. You want a chat with a Londoner? Get in a taxi. Drivers are paid to take you where you are going and give you their views on everything from politics to the national obsession, the weather. Fancy a kickaround? Put on your sports shoes and head to a park where you will find any number of casual games to get you puffing.
People have lived along this part of the River Thames, where London is situated, for thousands of years, and today more than 7.5 million people call it home. Famously the city grew as a collection of villages simply merged together, which is why you will find pockets of neighborhood life like other great old cities such as New York and Paris.
Among the city’s clubs you will find Arsenal and Tottenham to the north (along with Wembley Stadium), Chelsea and Fulham to the southwest and West Ham to the east, not far from the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

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