Curry Bard 2011

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Daniel Ford has been named Curry Bard 2011 by the National Curry Week following a countrywide poetry competition. His poem about curry included some of the places he’s eaten the food…

National Curry Week

It’s early, it’s early
Very early and it’s breakfast time
The Delhi train rattles us on its way
A hawker’s fruit slice. A metal thali tray
The curry day is ready

It’s midday, it’s midday
Exactly midday and it’s lunchtime
The sun hits us sharp on the Durban sand
A bunny chow’s the order in this land
The curry day is underway

It’s afternoon, it’s afternoon
Dark wraps us up and it’s dinner time
Smart jackets here in Bermuda don’t you know
Masala’s the choice but the red is for show
The curry day is full on

It’s late, it’s late
Stars are our guides and it’s supper time
London’s partying’s all done
Closing time choices. Madras won
The curry day has ended


2 thoughts on “Curry Bard 2011

    Piet du Toit said:
    January 2, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Hi Daniel,
    Read your book – A fan’s guide to world rugby. What an interesting book with lots of info and stats. Also see that you have spend some time in SA.
    Cannot agree with some of the stats in the book eg ave temp and rain fall for SA, the ones in Bloem is miles out – where did you get your info from? I am just worried that some of the other stats are also wrong. Also why do you say that Bloem is a sleepy city? You obviously have’t been there for ages.

    d567f responded:
    January 4, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Piet, glad you like the book, thanks. Rainfall/temps are averages based on a number of years; must admit I was surprised at some of the figures we found in the cities I have lived in (England and SA) but they are historically accurate. On other things, we used people who live in the cities for advice as well as our own experience but personally I really like Bloem (I take it you live there?) so ‘sleepy’ certainly wasn’t a put down, just a feeling as compared to other SA cities. What word would you use?

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